Iowa State University Extension and Outreach and College of Design have collaborated with the City of Dubuque to host a cultural event on the Central Avenue Corridor. Students, from a variety of disciplines, focused their efforts on learning from local community members in Dubuque to find effective ways to facilitate meaningful community discussions and use art and design with culture to build goodwill and understanding among the diverse populations. The event is located at 1800 Central Avenue on Saturday, April 8th, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and aims to celebrate the stories and experiences of the community through storytelling, music, photography, and temporary storefront installations to encourage visitors to the Central Avenue Corridor.


This collaboration is in pair with the City of Dubuque's new initiative to engage residents and stakeholders to plan for the revitalization of Dubuque's Central Avenue Corridor (CAC) from 14th Street to 22nd street. The goal is the economic revitalization of the CAC through community engagement, educational outreach, and CAC community-informed storefront and streetscape design.


For more information about this initative, visit or contact the City of Dubuque Economic Development Department at 563-589-4393 or


Link's are available for the poster, flyer and bus tickets below.



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